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                   Guitar Methods by Rey

                   The Complete Book of Modes for Guitar - Book 1 The Major Scale Modes 

The Complete Book of Modes for Guitar : like no other book this book contains all the modes in every Major key with notation, tabs and fingerings. There are also exercises uniting each mode from the key across the fret-board and the arpeggios for each chord of the modes, the arpeggios are 5 voicing 1-3 -5-7-9. No other method has been written in this way. This is for intermediate advanced players.

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Product Cover look inside The Complete Book of Modes for Guitar Book 1 The Major Scale Modes Composed by Remo Moretto. Jazz, Blues, Method, General Instructional, Technique Training. Lead Sheet, Set of Parts, Tablature. 109 pages. Published by Remo Moretto (S0.1043865).

                                         The Complete Book of Pentatonic Scales for Guitar

This book covers all the Pentatonic scales in every Major Key. Each Scale is broken down into 5 degrees including the minor pentatonic (5th degree of the Major Pentatonic). Once you have mastered the fingering for each degree there is an exercise to unite each degree across the fretboard and finally a 3 Octave Scale which will pass through each degree. The method includes notation, tabs and left hand fingerings. No other book covers the subject in detail like this!

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                                            The Complete Book of Blues Scale for Guitar

This Book will review the Minor Blues 1-♭3 -4 -♭5- 5 ♭7 Scale across the fretboard in every key with notation, tabs and fingerings. Each Scale is broken down in degrees starting on the 6th string and constructed in 2 octaves for each position (degree). the 2nd part will unite each degree moving from one to the next and back and finally we will have a 3 octave scale constructed always passing through each degree.

Paperback 8.5 x 11 get it delivered

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