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Professional and Experienced  Composer-Guitar Teacher offering modern guitar lessons in Toronto  and Online via Skype

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Guitar Lessons Toronto: Prices for Guitar Lessons 1hour each. ( For 30 minute lessons please click link underneath).




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                                            Staysafe code valid until June 30th 2021

Prices for year 2021-2022

 special package offers valid through 2021-2022 school year, and can be renewed for the remaining amount of the school year 2021 - 2022, payment via PayPal secure payment.

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all you need is a computer with webcam and microphone incorporated and a free Skype account the first method will be emailed free of charge after confirmed subscription,

hurry limited positions!!!! Fill out the form below and proceed with Paypal payment option. If you cannot find a time slot for yourself please contact me at 416-333-0053 and I will adjust one for you.

Special Offer Buy 4 lessons 1 Hour weekly each $47.50 per hour total $190.00

                                  12 lessons 1 Hour weekly  Each $45.00 per hour Total $540.00


For Skype Online Booking use form below and make sure you choose your time slot. After payment has been received you will be contacted within 48 hours and emailed a free copy of the B2P Method. Further methods that may be required will be provided with a link to purchase via Amazon. If you are in a different time zone please make sure the time you choose corresponds to the time your are available in your area.Thanks

***** If you purchase a 4 lesson package on final lesson of the package  you will have the option of integrating into the larger 12 package after the final lesson of that package. 

***** All Major Credit Cards Accepted- for Skype lessons PayPal

****** No Free Trial Lessons


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4 Lessons Online 1 Hour Each $190.00 (that's $47.50 per hour) Click link below!

12 Lessons Online 1 Hour each $540.00 (that's $45.00 per hour) click link below

Referral Program

Refer another student and both of you will receive an extra lesson once the new student has purchased the 1st package. This is an ongoing promotion so refer as many as you like.

******** Refer a friend and both will receive an extra lesson- If you refer a person that signs  up for the course you and that person will receive an extra  lesson on your currant package- unlimited to the number of students you present.

*********** All lessons are 1 hour weekly individual lessons or 30 minute lessons if you choose that, these are special package offers, the actual cost of a 1 hour lesson is $60 or $45 for 30 minute lessons.   24 hour cancellation policy , lessons cancelled with 24 hours notice will not be charged and moved to the next availble date . Once the package is purchased it can be renewed at the same price for the rest of the school year 2021-2022. After the package has been started if  the person cancels the remaining portion of the package then the lessons that they have done and or missed will be charged full 1 hour price which is $60 a lesson for example, the 12 lesson package cost is $540.00, the student has done 8 lessons and wishes to cancel the rest, the recalculation will be $480 for the single lessons already done, the difference will not be charged, if instead there is a remaining amount, that amount is calculated as cancellation fee as the package they acquired books 12 slots 1 hour each so the rest will be cancelled without any refund.  All cancellations of packages with the 30 minute lesson will be charged according to the prices of those packages.

Single Lessons   $60.00  1 hour each

All lessons are weekly lessons 1 hour each, select the type of payment that suits you. All packages must be paid before the start of the 1st lesson.

Gift Certificates


As of January 2016 there are no more gift certificates available! 

Any gift certificate  purchased must be used within 12 months of the purchase date, if you have purchased a gift certificate and have not used it in the 12 month time new price calculations will be considered for the amount you have paid  ($60 .00 per hour) , To cancel a purchase you must send an email before 30 days after the purchase, afterwards no refunds will be issued and the certificate will remain valid at that price for 1 year. A gift certificate is a package deal, if a lesson is booked using the certificate then the package will be considered started on the date booked and must be used within the next 4 weeks unless there is a cancellation of a booking within 24 hour notice via email, in this case the next lesson will be moved to the next week of the cancelled date. If no notice is given then the lesson will be automatically charged at $60  which is the effective cost of 1 lesson , the package is considered started and must be used in the following 2 weeks with the difference to be paid for the missed lesson or you can use the remaining amount for lessons , for example a package of 4 lessons purchased at  $120 that's $30 per lesson will see deducted $60 leaving  $60 of gift certificate purchase to be used within the next 2 weeks , you then must use the remaining $60( in the following 2 weeks as the package is considered started).  In this case you will be asked to confirm the same day and hour for the following week or to choose another time slot that must be confirmed by you via  email, here you will have to give at least 3 different days and time slots , failure to do so will  see  the next lesson considered booked at the same day and time and if no cancellation and you do not show or advise then the charge of $60 full price will be considered even for that lesson and the certificate will be considered used. To avoid any future misunderstandings do not book the 1st lesson until you are absolutely sure to participate, booking a lesson leaves that day and hour reserved for you and no one else , not showing up and not advising causes damages to both you and me as I am not able to fill that spot you booked with someone else. If you cannot come to the booked lesson and cancel just before the lesson, then the lesson will be charged only the price you paid for it and deducted from the certificate but you still must confirm via email the next lesson or a change in hour and day giving 3 choices of you availability for the next week, even here if you fail to do so then the full price of the remaining certificate will be charged and the certificate will be considered used, If you give 24 hours notice via email then no charge will apply but you still must confirm the next lesson or give 3 alternative date and times for the following week failure to to so will see both the cancelled lesson and the following lesson charged $60 each.